Digital Transformation in Industrial Manufacturing

The pandemic period not only accelerated the pace of Digital Transformation (DX) among enterprises but stimulated digital investments into laggard organizations too. Ensuring business continuity and achieving greater flexibility acted as key triggers for enterprises. The advent of 5G is expected to be a game changer for the industrial sector in India as the spotlight has turned towards firmly on its immense benefits.


Manufacturing investment has a large and critical component of digital in greenfield projects but the large base of existing enterprises is working to exploit technology and achieve DX. DX is not just investment in technology but applying digital technologies to derive business results. The challenges of DX continue to test the industry leaders as enterprises seek to integrate manufacturing function within and beyond. The DX strategy is no more constrained by funds but by the inadequate commitment from the leadership in executing it. Hence it becomes imperative to unambiguously define the objectives of the DX investment. The right strategy is critical to onboard different layers of the manufacturing organization. This translates into a people project and relatively less of a technology project. DX journey begins with a critical self-assessment of digital readiness before the plunge is taken.


As India’s manufacturing sector prepares to leverage 5G technology, implementation of DX assumes great significance. Only a sound strategy backed by a committed leadership can bring about the true DX. Key pointers for a successful DX initiative are:

  1. Under-prepared team: The organisation has to be prepared to operate in a digital environment else the plan will flounder.
  2. Complete buy-in: The organisation needs to believe in the initiatives and all employees need to be part of it.
  3. Syncing up with customers: The transformation sought to be made has to be aligned with your customers. Doing it in isolation will lead to quick failure.
  4. Alignment with supply chain: In the eagerness to transform fast, the partners are left behind with disastrous consequences

India’s global competitiveness goal hinges on an accelerated DX implementation and an informed manufacturing community holds the key to it.