Hitech & Electronics

It feels good at the end of the day to know you made a product that other people are going to enjoy

Hitech & Electronics

The ubiquitous character of electronics has elevated its strategic importance for key economies across the world. The magnitude of electronics ecosystem offers immense possibilities for innovation, design, manufacturing and services. India’s thrust towards leveraging technology strengths and developing design & manufacturing capabilities will help shape global competencies. Global supply chain reconfiguration present opportunities for India’s electronics industry to develop and attain a leadership position besides guiding shining light on advanced and frugal innovation possibilities.

Exponential rate of penetration of digital technologies like IoT, AR/ VR, AI and advent of 5G will accelerate product development, manufacturing and allied services to an unprecedented level. Investor confidence and an enabling legislative framework provide the perfect environment to nurture and develop India as the next global hub for electronics.

How do we help our clients

Avanteum partners with clients to help create strategies for New Products, Emerging Geographies, Make vs Buy Models, Technology and Marketing Partnerships and Inputs for Policy Making.

Case Study

Sector Lead

22+ years of rich experience, helping clients formulate strategies and actions in geographies of India and Middle East. Consulted for a wide range of organizations encompassing hardware manufacturing, engineering design, EMS, components and semiconductors. Advised businesses to successfully diversify into electronics besides assisting move into adjacent opportunity spaces. Active engagement with industry apex bodies in furthering industry interests through policy advocacy.