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India is the world’s third largest energy consuming country meets its energy demand largely through coal, oil and biomass. A global energy transformation is underway to meet climate change goals impacting energy extraction and conversion companies and consumers.

Steady raise in its renewable energy is complementing India’s energy demand with high focus on solar to meet the growing needs of a developing nation. India’s economic growth is dependent on its energy reliability and with quick adoption of digital technologies and automation the need for uninterrupted energy is growing significantly. Clean energy is driving charges across application like agriculture, mobility, building infrastructure requiring energy companies to work with consumers across. Investment in efficient storages devices and device chemistry has increased manifold and access to rare earth metals that drive clean energy has gained importance to secure energy security. Photo-voltaic (PV) modules, lithium-ion batteries, biomethane plants, water electrolysers are poised to be the key technologies to transform Indian Energy Market. Evolution of the Indian Energy sector towards adapting Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Energy and Big Data technologies augment energy infrastructure, paving way for better renewable-mix in power generation.

Sector Lead

20+ years of consulting and advisory experience - working with OEM’s, Component suppliers and technology companies across areas like organisation strategy, mega trends, product strategy, customer strategy network strategy, new business models, and opportunity assessment. Ramakrishnan works actively with industry associations to improve sector competitiveness.