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A global energy transformation of the automotive industry is underway opening up new opportunities as well as threatening the existing value chain dependent on fossil fuel technology. The transformation is bringing in nimble competitors that have disrupted markets in the past through their innovation in technology and rapid scaling capability introducing asymmetric competition in the market. Electrification of powertrain has thrown up surprise winners like Tesla and with technology companies like Google interested in breaking into the market. The market dynamics is expected to change where new companies (mostly operating in underregulated technology world) adopting to a highly regulated market and customers its has not services before in a brick-and-mortar environment.

The next 2 decades will see the evolution of the world moving towards clean energy with each geography adopting technologies that are of relevant to its customers. Companies invested in fossil fuel technologies are faced with existential threat. Companies that navigate these challenges will need to precisely define their strategies, find clear positioning and articulation of value proposition to thrive in the market place.

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20+ years of consulting and advisory experience - working with OEM’s, Component suppliers and technology companies across areas like organisation strategy, mega trends, product strategy, customer strategy network strategy, new business models, and opportunity assessment. Ramakrishnan works actively with industry associations to improve sector competitiveness.