Agriculture and Food

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Agriculture and Food

Agriculture in India sustains 58% of its population and is major source of revenue in rural areas. Contributing to about 12% of the country’s GDP, the sectors performance is key to livelihood and generation of demand for products and services across the manufacturing sector. A vast geographical spread and diverse climatic conditions have helped India produce a wide variety of food grains, cash crops, fruits and vegetables.

However low mechanisation rates, smaller land sizes and traditional farming practices have led to lower productivity rates while Government policies have distorted market forces for agriculture inputs leading to overuse impacting soil health and sustainability.

There is a renewed focus on sustainability of resources- water, electricity, fertilisers, improving productivity, organics farming and improved value addition to enable farmers increase their income. Technology is expected to change the landscape by improving access to information and market.


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Sector Lead

Vijay is Avanteum Advisors’ Agriculture Sector Leader and has more than 3 decades of global research and consulting experience in the areas growth opportunities, actionable consumer insights and business performance improvement and digital innovation.

Proven record of working with multinational conglomerates, large Indian corporates and associations. Past work includes engagements in the space of opportunity assessment (drip irrigation, liquid fertilizers, Agri- mechanization equipment), forecasting (tractors), customer insights and experiences (agriculture pumps).