National Logistics Policy Impact Private Logistic

The logistics sector is on the cusp of a transformative shift in India with the implementation of the new logistics policy. This policy comprises several key components, including the Integration of Digital System (IDS), Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP), Ease of Logistics (ELOG), and System Improvement Group (SIG). Additionally, the Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan aims to revolutionize the industry through digital integration, standardization, and capacity building. In this article, we will explore the impact of the new logistics policy, highlight the potential benefits for logistics companies, and discuss how our company can provide strategic solutions to navigate this changing landscape.

1. Integration of Digital System and Unified Logistics Interface Platform:

The IDS integrates 30 different systems from various departments, streamlining data from road transport, railways, customs, aviation, and commerce. Meanwhile, ULIP consolidates all digital services related to transportation into a single portal. These initiatives enhance customer visibility, promote digitalization, and provide logistics companies with a unified platform for efficient operations and improved service delivery.

2. Ease of Logistics and System Improvement Group:

ELOG empowers industry associations to resolve issues by collaborating with the government, fostering better communication and cooperation. SIG, along with the Network Planning Group (NPG), promotes collaboration between government departments and state and federal governments. These initiatives aim to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, increase efficiency, and drive overall growth in the logistics sector.

3. Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan:

The Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan encompasses various aspects, including digital logistics systems, standardization of physical assets, benchmarking service standards, human resource development, capacity building, and logistics park development. This plan emphasizes the importance of optimizing resources, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency for logistics companies.

Benefits and Strategic Solutions for Logistics Companies by Avanteum

1. Cost Optimization and Fuel Efficiency:

Logistics companies can significantly reduce fuel costs, which typically account for 70-80% of transportation expenses. Our company can assist in optimizing routes and resources, leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights. By improving fuel efficiency, logistics players can achieve higher margins and explore strategies for redistributing savings or passing them on to end customers during last-mile delivery.

2. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Goals:

Logistics organizations need to reevaluate their ESG goals and focus on developing a cost-effective and sustainable cost structure. Embracing a paperless supply chain, fostering improved cooperative federalism, utilizing the ease of logistics services portal (ELOG), and standardizing the warehousing industry contribute to a more environmentally conscious and financially lucrative business model.

3. Digitalization and Global Reach:

By embracing the digitalization efforts under the new logistics policy, logistics companies can enhance customer visibility and cater to a wider range of clients. Our company can assist in understanding the Unified Logistics Interface Platform and aligning existing systems to leverage the benefits of enhanced digitalization. Additionally, the legislation's focus on digitization and global market access supports the 'Make in India' agenda, enabling logistics players to transport products globally and expand their reach and impact.


The new logistics policy in India opens up opportunities for logistics companies to embrace digitalization, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction. By leveraging strategic solutions, such as optimizing fuel efficiency, reevaluating ESG goals, and embracing digitalization, logistics organizations can navigate this evolving landscape successfully. Our company stands ready to provide the necessary expertise and guidance to help logistics companies thrive in this transformative era, ensuring sustainable growth and market leadership.